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Paint 'n Picnic

Come join us for a picnic where we collaborate a unique guided art and nature experience!

Upcoming Picnics

No events at the moment

Be sure to view the gallery below from previous events!


Private Events

Host a private Paint 'n Picnic for any occasion! Let's create something beautiful together

Do you have your own space?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


Paint 'n Picnic
in a Basket


Picnic hangout
for two

Create your own picnic wherever & whenever you want with a guided video!

It includes:

  • "Basket" - Tote bag

  • 4 paint brushes

  • Required paint

  • 2 "canvases" of your chosing

  • Goblet wine glasses

  • link to video tutorial

Select the painting you want to paint for you picnic hangout for two and have fun!!


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