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Hippie Soul was inspired by a request from a collector to create a painting that represented self discovery. The sunflower represents the way they a face darkness, they always chose to face the light. "Red is the power, fire, and fight I have in me. Yellow is brightness, the calm, the sun that balances the fire on me. Hippie soul because I love to love. I want everyone to love and be loved. You captured everything I am and feel. The peace sign... what hippie wouldn't identify with the peace sign. I want inner peace with myself and the people I love." Read more here


COLLECTION – 01: Earth

Horizontal acrylic abstracted flower painting on canvas

Standard wrapped

Framed in white pine

48 x 60 x 3/4 inches

"Hippie Soul" A Horiontal Original Acrylic Abstracted Flower Painting

  • Painting is sealed with gloss varnish to maintain painted colours

  • Do not drop from heights, wash with damp cloth. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals & avoid direct sunlight.

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