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02: Water

a collection that explores clarity, purity and life itself through brush strokes and the motion of paint

we share the same sun, moon and stars. yet life is so different where i am
        - i miss the ocean

i just want to be free from expectations and disappointments
and find myself in the painted sea
where love and life are free from confinement

Five Elements of Earth

Though most artist create in series, I decided to create collections based on the five earth elements. The reason being is that a lot of the times I create one off pieces that are inspired in that particular moment which are ultimately very different pieces. Like my mind splattering trying to freeze moments in time on a canvas.

02: Water explores clarity, purity and life itself through brush strokes and motions of paint. With feelings of doubt, uncleanliness, and sadness, pour some water into your hands and rinse those negative energies off to gain some clarity. With the help of the fire element, you can make the water warm and give regenerative effects of purity to your body.

Many different techniques of brush strokes are represented in these pieces that focus on the conscious movement of colours reflecting different feelings, and expressions of the soul. Our bodies, as well as the planet is mostly water, meaning life itself is expressed through the energy of water. These pieces reflect my paintbrush moving freely with my soul, and the movement of paint influenced by the energy of water.


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