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05: Aether

a collection that explores the beyond, spirits and energy through various colours and motions of paint

In loving memory of my nephew Levi

a beautiful peace overcomes me
a sky full of colours and dreams reflecting in my soul

forgetting the doubts i have with myself
like a river moving softly through the mountains

while the clouds come and go
is where i find myself feeling completely whole

Five Elements of Earth

Though most artist create in series, I decided to create collections based on the five earth elements. The reason being is that a lot of the times I create one off pieces that are inspired in that particular moment which are ultimately very different pieces. Like my mind splattering trying to freeze moments in time on a canvas.

05: Aether explores the beyond, spirits, and energy through various colours and motions of paint. This element is known for its essence in our universe that's expressed through lightning, cosmic, solar, and any form of energy. Aether does not have a physical form on earth but, it is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual; between our soul and body.

Through various colours used in this collection, it represents the bridge of energy between our soul and our body that emits around us; between us and spirits. Since this element is like no other, it is difficult to imagine its physical form but is expressed through the motion of paint that are inspired from things like lightning, spirits, and cosmic energies.

have you ever thought that we are in heaven
why do we have to wait a lifetime to get there?
      - relish life



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