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01: Earth

a collection that explores the foundation of life, peace and earth through different mediums and colours

Five Elements of Earth

Though most artist create in series, I decided to create collections based on the five earth elements. The reason being is that a lot of the times I create one off pieces that are inspired in that particular moment which are ultimately very different pieces. Like my mind splattering trying to freeze moments in time on a canvas.

01: Earth explores the foundation of life, peace, and health through different mediums and colours. Earth is the foundation of life, meaning that no spot in our life has not been touched by earth's effect, which supports that it's the foundation of all other elements. Earth yields water, communicates with air, embodies fire and is affected by what takes place in the aether element.

Through the various mediums used in these pieces, it represents the peace that the earth brings, like birds singing in the morning within the trees. With the help of the aether element that resides in us, plants, and species, it guides us through life, and brings us health that is expressed through various colours in my artwork.

sweet melody amidst the moving sphere
breaks forth, a solemn and entrancing sound
a harmony whereof the earth's green hills
give but the faintest echo; yet is there

            - Bessie Parkes


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