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Chiefs Island

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Well, it's been a while since I posted on here... The last thing was a letter to my best friend who recently passed away, and I was busy with school and family and never got around to write again. So I'm back!

This painting is special. This painting is my first acrylic painting on a canvas other than a sip n paint I went to. I spent maybe a week working on it then it sat in my room unfinished for the rest of the school semester because I was scared I was going to "ruin" it. Everything was finished except for the lake, I was scared that the waves would look ugly and not compliment the rest of the painting.

Later on, I decided to take it and just go for it. Can't just let a painting sit there unfinished and you'll never get better if you never try it. Turns out, the best thing I can paint are lakes!

Painting lakes is the greatest feeling it is hard to explain why. Water is something I'm around all the time except for lakes because they're frozen for most of the year or too cold to swim in. So painting them makes me feel like I'm around them more and creating new views of lakes, and oceans expand my imagination and release stress.

This painting showed me that it does not matter how good you are, it matters how you can let out stress and open your imagination towards a canvas in ways that you cannot do in other ways. The name of the painting comes from a lake I visited before my second year of school and took a picture of a sailboat near chiefs island.

Find your way to unleash your imagination.


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