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Please check LOCAL laws before heading out on the water.

Heading out on your paddleboard for a Paint 'n Paddle?

Here is what you need by law in Canada

Under the Small Vessel Regulations by Transport Canada:

  • Life Jacket/PFD

  • Carry the lifejacket on board, you must also have a buoyant heaving line at least 15m (49’3”) * this does not apply to inflatable PFDs. These must always be worn

  • OR Wear your life jacket and no buoyant heaving line is required 

  • Buoyant Heaving Line at least 15m (49’3) *see above for exception

  • Whistle

  • Watertight flashlight: required for lowlight or nighttime

Check out my Amazon storefront for some of these items to purchase before heading out on the water! Including other recommended safety equipment, and items to make your experience a FUN TIME!!

If you are parked and playing at a waterfront or dock, then Transport Canada does not consider paddleboarding a regulated vessel for mandatory equipment. It's better to be SAFE than sorry, you could be fined for noncompliance.

Here are some resources to keep an eye out for!

Paddle Canada also outlines the requirements when paddleboarding

Parks Canada provides information for stand-up paddleboard safety.

Reference from and this link will bring you to more information and recommendations!


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