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Mural Project - Fab Tray

Wow! So it's been almost a year since I posted here... Just a quick update, I completed 18 courses in 2022 for my studies, traveled to Alberta and did my first Plein Air session (I will make a post about it too!), completed my first year of markets, and sold many incredible paintings!

Now that I'll be working full time for my 8 month co-op, this allows me to focus more on my art, and I couldn't be more excited.

On that note, I'm starting 2023 with my FIRST EVER mural project! In 2022, I moved to Barrie, ON in September for my studies now that everything is back in person. When I arrived, there was a collective art gallery show happening a few weeks after I moved in. This show was was called "HUES" and was part of Culture Days in Barrie. Part of this show were 4 incredible artist that I'm grateful to have met and connect with during this journey; Tiff's Art Collection, Melouvia Studio, Ryley James Art, and Beautifully Monica. All who encourage each other, motivate and inspire me. The reason I'm discussing about this, is because one of these artists reached out to me to apply to the Fab Tray Project.

When I looked the post up, I wasn't sure if I should apply and felt like I did not belong and was not my style. Don't ask me why, but for some reason I thought to myself that I wasn't good enough to be selected for this opportunity. As time went on, I procrastinated if I should apply or not, then Downtown Barrie BIA posted again to remind artists to apply. SO I DID.

I think it's important to talk about what artist, and other creators go through behind the scenes. Looking at my Instagram account, you would think everything is great and nothing could ever go wrong. I have had people who messaged me asking me if I do this full time for a living, and let me tell you, I do not. When it comes to making it in the creation world its a "fake it till you make it" life. Some months are absolutely incredible and other months I wonder why I even do this. This is just a note for artists and creators out there, BE PATIENT & HAVE FUN. Reach out to other people/artists, be inspired by them, surround yourself with people who encourage you, your time will come. If there's a will there's a way. If you're a Miley Cyrus fan "it's all about the climb".

Now you're probably wondering what the Fab Tray Project is? This is a project inspired by Barrie's history; designed and handmade by Hardy Glenwood in the 1960s and '70s. Fab trays are similar to "plates" but they are a collection item that used fabrics sealed in clear polyester composition. These trays were very popular at the time (still are) and were sold at Hudson's Bay, Simpsons, Eaton's and Birks. They are now collection items because of the Oil crisis that occurred in the '70s that made it difficult to continue production, however, they still remain popular for their fun patterns and colours.

For this project, Downtown Barrie BIA has selected 16 local artists (including me, and some of the artists mentioned in this blog) to create paintings on aluminum discs. Which will be inspired by the trays, and will be mounted on the lavender-hued wall located next to P_ZZA on Dunlop Street E.

I completed my concept on Thursday, we will meet with the artists and organizers this coming Thursday and begin painting.

Thank you everyone who's encouraged me, the organizers for this project for the opportunity and all the local artists, I look forward to work with all of you. To learn more about the project visit this article below!




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