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Dear Buck,

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

You were my best friend born on July 15, 2007. You were the cheapest dog from the litter if I remember correctly, and different from all the other "labs". They told us you were purebred, but we think otherwise. All I know is that your heart was pure. The first day I met you felt like it was yesterday, you were small, blue-eyed and we can pull your extra skin to our hips you had so much of it. You went a few days without a name, and I don't think I told anyone, but I wanted to call you Chocolate. I'm so glad my mom said no to her 9-year-old daughter. We called you Buck.

You were smart and dumb, but made everyone smile or shit their pants when you barked at them. You liked sticks, buckets, balls, pucks, pooky and beer cans. What we have in common is that we both LOVE water. You and I would play in the water, you would dig for rocks, swim, fetch sticks, and bark at Gates and me when you wanted back in. You never pick normal sticks as you can see in the picture below, you pick the heavy ones where your head is sideways or grab the long ones and then hanger yourself trying to get in between trees at full speed.

You had so many friends, one of your best friends was George (RIP). When we would let you outside you would run over to their house and play with him, or sometimes George will show up at our door. Your other friend was Smokey (RIP). You and he would play at the fence and would run back and forth and bark at each other while I got in trouble because you were tearing up the ditch. And of course your girlfriend Jada she was my grandmas' dog, and you loved her I swear it, you went through quite some trouble for her. Your other friends were the people of King Kirkland, some hated you, and some loved you. You were known to run and bark at them then suck up, or steal the baseballs during a baseball game or their pucks. You were also known for wandering around all the time.

You played lots with my friends and me, helping us dig in the snow or get some pucks at the rink. We would take you for walks when we were bored or go on adventures. And the coolest thing was you would pull us around on a JT in the wintertime, however, that did result in the emergency room for some of us.

You've been through a lot, some might know that you've been bitten by a beaver, lynx and hit by more than once by a moving vehicle. All these photos show despite all the things you've been through, you were still able to find a way to live the best life possible, and I envy you for that.

You were truly inspiring, not only to me but to those around you. Thank you for that.

All I want to do is post hundreds of pictures of you, so everyone knows how great you were. You taught me so much Bucky, and it's too bad you had to leave us, but I know you're having so much more fun now. Everyone knows when they get an animal they would have to leave someday, and I keep telling myself that. I'm sorry Gates and I were not there to say goodbye, but mom and dad made sure you knew. 03/12/2018

I'm going to miss you friend, have fun in doggy heaven with all your buddies. Have a good sleep and I'll see you someday.

Sweet dreams,



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