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Exhibition @ Twist Gallery

Another exciting milestone for my art and for you to follow. I am doing my first exhibition at Twist Gallery in Toronto, October 1-November 27th. I could not be more excited/honoured to have this opportunity, and could not have happened without every one of you who support me.

Going back to 2017 when I started to paint, mostly watercolour and small paintings. Fast forward to 2021, doing my largest piece yet that will be displayed at an art gallery. Never would have thought that this opportunity would be presented to me in 2021 when I started this journey in university, and I have to thank you for it.

Some may wonder how they played a part in my success or how they impacted me in such a positive way, and I will tell you how. Every time I paint for someone, take pictures for them or have created something new, everyone gives me positive feedback. These positive words that I get make me want to keep going and to continue to create.

After dropping off an order or leaving someone’s house after taking pictures for them, when I sit back in my car, I find myself sitting there smiling thinking about how amazing and encouraging you all are, and it makes me want to continue to be creative, come up with new ideas, and find better ways to make your experience better.

To my close friends, thank you for always being there for me, for giving me feedback on things I can tweak, for helping me make decisions, sending me opportunities that made you think of me, and offering your help, it means the world. I would not be here without you, and I want you all to know it.

You might not see it in my work, but parts of you are all in it, including other supporters who have encouraged me to try something new, or challenge me with new ideas. That’s why, if you haven’t read my home page already, you know that I always say I’m excited to learn about you and to make something beautiful together, and that’s because we all take part in the creation of these pieces.

For new supporters discovering my work, I have you to thank too. I would like to welcome you, and I hope you have a good experience with my work, it can be as little as reading this blog or liking my photos. I look forward to creating new relationships and creating something beautiful with you as well.

I hope my art has a sense of simplicity, creates a different language of meaning through my work, and lastly elevate your experience with art, relationships, communication or whatever it may be. I wish that this inspires you to create, set goals, accomplish goals, discover talents/hobbies, and continue to learn because this is not only about art but also about growth. Opportunities are endless, there is so much in this world to discover and there is always room to improve, I’m very thrilled to be a part of this exhibition and excited to discover what more I can accomplish in the upcoming years.

Thank you for your continuous support,


P.s. If you wish to view the gallery or possibly attend the reception (if there is one, to be determined based on Covid-19 restrictions) please email me, you can find my information on the contact page, Instagram or Facebook.


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