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Great Lake

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

You know when you see a sunset in these colours whether it is at a lake or looking outside of your window and you just go WOW. That is what I wanted to capture in this painting; that wow moment you get when and you cannot resist taking a picture.

This painting is not based on a picture, it is based on colours that inspired me in that wow moment, and I wanted to feel it again.

These colours are challenging to paint with, and because of that, it makes it all more worth it. The longest part of this painting was the lake, putting all the details in and making sure the details further away are more precise because of the distance. I was also unsure if I wanted to put clouds or not and decided to do it.

In the end, when it is finished, I get the same feeling looking outside and then looking at this painting. I paint a lot of lakes, and it would be cool if the places that I create everyone could visit. Now that would be something else.

This is one of many great examples that you can take a moment in your life and turn it into something great.


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