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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This is my grandparents' house. This painting is one that made me realize I have potential. I went to Michael's to get some watercolour paint because it was cheaper than buying acrylic paint. I started to paint in my small dorm room on my free time, and then I would post pictures of them on Facebook.

Soon after I get a message from my aunt asking if I could paint my grandparents' house for their anniversary. She said my grandparents have been wanting a watercolour painting of their house, whether it is a house that looks similar to theirs, or taking a picture and putting it in software to make it look like it is watercolour.

This was meant to be.

I spent many hours working on this, and once I finished, I sent it by mail to my aunt. She received it and then went to get it framed. When it came to their anniversary, that's when it was time to give it to them.

Soon after they called me saying they loved it and told me how they couldn't guess who painted it. They noticed the signature was JC, but we also have people in our family with those initials, then my aunt told them it was me.

This painting now sits at the entrance as soon as you walk in.


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