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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The reason I picked this picture on the title page is that I noticed I am free. If you look on my face, I have a smile that is worry-free and in a good state of mind. It is one of the many pictures of me, and I like this one the most because of how happy I look, and felt at that moment.

It is hard to tell where I am, but I'm sitting on top of a rock that hangs over the highway. The picture in the background is the view you get sitting on that big rock. This place is somewhere where my best friend and I discovered, we go during the afternoon, after school or on weekends. We go to watch the cars drive by while we talk, laugh together, and see if anyone noticed us up on the rock. We watch the sunset and watch the first star show, and then there's another one and another one. It is truly an amazing thing to do, and the great thing is during all of that, all our worries disappear.

We are the only ones who go there, and it is our getaway place. This is one of many things and a simple way we do to show appreciation of this world. There are many ways to find this place, and we did.

Where's yours?



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