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a collection created on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida

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For an unforgettable creative summer with giveaways!


About Me

A place to create yourself

I am Jocelyn Chassie, creativity makes me happy, and I believe the power of capturing dreams has the ability to simplify communication, elevate experiences, and inspire.


I like to explore different mediums such as acrylics, watercolour, and photography. Every experience that I have inspires me to create. I am excited to learn about you and to make something beautiful together through my photography and art.


Let's Collab!

I love to collaborate with other businesses who share their passions for experiences & creative interests!

This can be ANYTHING, whether it's fashion, retail, travel, art supplies, wellness, the list goes on.

Let's get in touch!

see more on instagram: @jchassie_art

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